We develop and implement comprehensive programs based on cooperation between the private, public and non-governmental sectors in Poland and abroad. So far, we have implemented a number of projects in partnership with several dozen organizations from six continents.

Our activities are in line with the assumptions of the Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs.

Selected initiatives are presented below

v4Sport Akademia Krokieta i Lamy

Krokiet and Lama Academy

The program of education on the move of the Krokiet and Lama Academy includes materials for preschoolers and primary school students grades 1-3. The materials have been made by combining three elements important for child’s development: education, physical activity and entertainment. Thus, physical activity can accompany the youngest not only during PE or gymnastics lessons, but also in didactic classes. The Academy platform consists of films, movement worksheets, training sessions for teachers and a lot of inspiration for learning and playing on the move. All the content is created in line with the core curriculum of early school and pre-school education. We are a strategic partner of the venture.

Integration of Ukrainian Refugee Children Through Sport

The goal of Integration of Ukrainian Refugee Children Through Sport (IURTS) is to support the integration of Ukrainian refugee children through sport. As part of the initiative, a number of educational materials will be developed and later piloted in Polish and Romanian institutions. One of the components of the project is also the involvement of an international network of research associations, so that Ukrainian children all over Europe can benefit from the attained results. The project is financed by the Erasmus+ Sport programme. The project partners include: the International Sport and Culture Association – ISCA (Denmark), Asociatia Judeteana Sportul pentru Toti Suceava (Romania), the Laureau Sport for Good Foundation (Great Britain), Universita degli studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale (Italy), Fundatia Terre des hommes-Elvetia (Romania), the Sports Committee of Ukraine (Ukraine) and the Charitable Fund League of Tolerance (Ukraine).

V4Sport - IRTS logo
V4SPORT - We Play Together logo

We Play Together

We Play Together (WPT) focuses on the integration of refugee children and youth through sport. The aim of the initiative is to exchange experiences between Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland and to jointly develop new solutions and tools that will enable the adaptation of children and youth, especially from Ukraine, to new countries. The project is financed by the European Union under the Erasmus+Youth Program. The partners of the project are Mittetulundusühing SPIN, the International Sport and Culture Association and the Kazickas Family Foundation and Latvijas Sporta federaciju padome.

Active Sister Schools

Active Sister Schools is an innovative project that leverages physical activity as a catalyst for meaningful change. The initiative is dedicated to supporting Ukrainian children and fostering their integration with peers from different countries. Our goal is to establish international online teams, connecting students from Denmark, Poland, and Ukraine to build personal connections and gain insights into each other’s lives, cultures, and environments through movement and play. Project partners are: Danish School Sport (Denmark), International Sport and Culture Association – ISCA (Denmark) and Ukraine Active (Ukraine). The initiative is funded by The Nordic Council of Ministers and The Nordic Council.

Active Sister School logo
V4Sport - MovingSchoolsChallenger logo

Moving Schools Challenger

The Moving Schools Challenger (MSC) is a pan-European project that focuses on promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle among students. Schools will take part in monthly sporting challenges to help them get more involved in an active lifestyle. The institutions will not compete with other entities, but will face challenges together.

We are implementing the initiative in partnership with organizations representing six countries: BG Be Active (Bulgaria),the International Sport and Culture Association (Denmark), Deporte para la Educación y la Salud (Spain), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Hiszpania), Youth Sport Trust (United Kingdom ) and L’ORMAinternational (Italy) and a European organization – the European Physical Education Association. The project is financed by the Erasmus+ Sport programme.

Active Sister Schools Alliance

The goal of the project is to establish the first Active Sister Schools Alliance among primary schools in Denmark, Poland, Spain, and Ukraine. This will be a continuation of the pilot, implemented in the 2023/2024 school year. The project provides a vibrant platform where kids from different countries can interact, learn, and forge lasting friendships. As they explore the world of dance and movement, they embark on a journey of cultural discovery, gaining insights into each other’s countries, cultures, and traditions. This immersive experience fosters unity and integration among the participants. The partners of the project are International Sport and Culture Association (Denmark), Danish School Sports (DSS) (Denmark), UAactive (Ukraine), and Deporte para la Educación y la Salud (DES) (Spain).

Global Integration of Refugees Through Sport (IRTS)

The overall objective of the project is to convene the global Integration of Refugees Through Sport (IRTS) community and strengthen its evidence base, credibility, capacity, and voice. The partnership behind it is unprecedented, comprising UN institutions, funding bodies, global networks, humanitarian organizations, and sporting bodies. And it is taking the international dimension of the Erasmus+ Sport Programme to a new level, with a truly global group of partners from both Erasmus+ countries and well beyond. V4Sport Foundation is one of the 5 implementing organizations to mobilize support for IRTS efforts on the local level.

Together Through Sport

The aim of this project is to facilitate the social integration of refugee students in Poland and Romania through the use of physical activity and sport by training school staff who take care of these students. At least 1400 students (refugees and others) will benefit from sporting activities; over a hundred teachers will be trained to use physical activity as a tool to promote inclusion, and around twenty coaches will be able to welcome these refugee students into their sports clubs. The partners of the project are PLAY International (France) and Asociatia Judeteana Sportul pentru Toti Suceava (Romania).

The project is co-financed by Erasmus+ with the support of Fondation Air France.

Creating Future Together - Razem Tworzymy Przyszłość

The goal of the project is to invite children to participate in unique initiatives in which we will use physical activity as a tool for social integration for children with disabilities. Through a joint physical adventure, children with varying degrees of disability will have the opportunity to experience mutual support, acceptance and connection in a great community.

The project is co-financed by the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities and we are implementing it together with the Association of Activity Supporters We Are for You.

Move For Fun is a recipe for more exercise and joy at schools and in kindergartens. It is not only a philosophy based on creating physical activity opportunities for children. It is also a ready-made work tool for teachers – easy-to-use ideas for movement games in the form of Move For Fun Movement Cards. The project at the international level is carried out in partnership with the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA), the Danish Sports Association DGI and Novo Nordisk. We are coordinating this initiative in Poland.

European School Sport Day

We have been co-creating the European School Sport Day (ESSD) since its very beginning, i.e. 2015. At that time we were one of 3 countries doing so, today there are over 38. The event takes place on the last Friday of September each year, and its aim is to celebrate activity and fun on the move throughout the school, and sometimes even outside – in the city. The project is financed by the Erasmus + Sport program. The Hungarian School Sport Federation is the leader of the ESSD, and its partners include the European Physical Education Association, the International Sport and Culture Association, Youth Sport Trust, #BeActive European Week of Sport and BG Be Active.

v4sport European School Sport Day ESSD EDSS
v4sport MOVE Week


MOVE Week is a pan-European event promoting physical exercises and a healthy lifestyle. Move Week is, like No Elevators Day, an integral part of the NowWeMOVE campaign. Throughout the week, sports events are held in Europe and several countries around the world. The main purpose is to promote various forms of physical exercises and a healthy lifestyle. The event has been held cyclically since 2012.

The Veolia Academy – Good health and Integration

This is an educational program that we implement together with the Veolia Polska Foundation, with the support of the Education Office and the Sports and Recreation Office of the Capital City of Warsaw, in partnership with Veolia Energia Warszawa S.A. The Veolia Academy is aimed at the linguistic and cultural integration of refugees’ children attending Warsaw primary schools (grades 1-3) and kindergartens, and support teachers by providing modern and comprehensive educational materials.

v4Sport Akademia Veolia
v4sport parking day for fitness logo

PARK(ing) Day for Fitness

PARK (ing) Day for Fitness (thus PDF) proves that adapting public spaces into places conducive to physical activity brings many benefits. Based on the concept of the Rebar’s Park (ing) Day initiative, PDF encourages people to be active in the urban environment. The project is financed by the EU under the Erasmus + Sport Program. PDF developers include us as well as organizations from five other countries: the BG Be Active Association (Bulgaria), AJSPT Suceava (Romania), Placemaking Europe (the Netherlands), Azur Sport Sante (France) and XsentrikArts (Austria).

No Elevators Day

No Elevators Day is one of the international initiatives we have been part of since the first edition of the project (2015). Celebrated throughout Europe (and not only), No Elevators Day is an integral part of the NowWeMOVE campaign, organized by ISCA (the International Sport And Culture Association). The event’s objective is to highlight how easy it is to be active on a daily basis. Sometimes it is enough to simply choose the elevator instead of stairs.

v4sport no elevators day
v4Sport Globalmatrix

Global Matrix

As part of our membership in the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance (AHKGA), we conduct Global Matrix research together with 57 countries from six continents. So far, we have participated in Global Matrix 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 studies. We already presented the results regarding the general level of physical fitness of children in Poland among others at conferences in Thailand (2016) and Australia (2018). We conduct research in Poland together with a group of national experts.

Veolia Junior Sports Academy

We implemented a project entitled the Veolia Junior Sports Academy (SAV Junior) in 2020-2021 together with the Veolia Polska Foundation and several companies from the Veolia Group in Poland and Local Government Units. Its goal was to care for the healthy future of children by showing them various sports and encouraging them to do regular physical activity. We accompanied preschoolers from all over Poland for many weeks of the lockdown, conducting free on-line classes as part of the SAV Junior Movement Kindergarten. Later on, we organized two editions of the Online Preschoolers’ Olympics – Veoliada 2020 and 2021, in which approximately 7.5 thousand children from almost 200 kindergartens in 15 cities took part.

v4Sport Sportowa Akademia Veolia
v4sport European Mile

European Mile

European Mile is a project implemented by ISCA – the International Sport and Culture Association and the V4Sport Foundation in Poland, and celebrated throughout Europe. Why? To remind all of us how good, healthy and easy it is to take care of everyday activity anew. The project is inspired by the Daily Mile initiative, which has been operating for years, bringing excellent results in Great Britain: In 2021, European Mile was held for preschool and early school children in Poland on June 4.

Healthy and active residents - what do they have to do with urban resilience? – a conference

 On June 8-9, 2021, together with the Veolia Polska Foundation and in partnership with the Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw, we organized an on-line conference on the role of local governments in increasing residents’ physical activity, with particular emphasis on the needs of children and adolescents. The speakers included: Sanna Vesikansa – Vice Mayor of Helsinki, Chris Bruntlett from Dutch Cycling Embassy, and Philippe de Witte – Secretary General of Active Local Europe. During the event, we connected with #EUSportForum 2021 taking place in Brussels, attended i.a. by Mariya Gabriel, an EC Commissioner, and Fiona Bull from the WHO Department of Health Promotion.

V4Sport Zdrowi i aktywni mieszkańcy
v4Sport Aktywny, zdrowy, samorząd

Active, healthy local government - how to create modern strategies of sport and physical activity? - an educational cycle

In 2021, we organized an educational cycle, within which we implemented a series of video materials, podcasts and online meetings. The guests of the initiative included both Polish and foreign experts, e.g.: Dr. Anna Lowe – Associate Professor from Sheffield Hallam University, Mogens Kirkeby – President of the International Sport and Culture Association, Dr. Mark Tremblay – President of the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance, dr. Jayne Greenberg – Chairwoman of the International Sport and Culture Association in North America and Chair of the Education Committee of the National Physical Activity Plan (the USA), and Oliver Vanges – Development Consultant in the Sports Team of the Danish Foundation for Sports and Culture.

Research of the Veolia Junior Sports Academy

At the turn of 2020 and 2021, we conducted a research entitled Behavioral Changes in Preschool Children in the COVID-19 Pandemic. We analyzed the level of physical activity of children attending kindergartens in Chrzanów, Hrubieszów, Łódź, Poznań, Szczytno, Tarnowskie Góry, Warsaw and Zamość. The main goal of the initiative was to understand the changes in the level of physical activity during the pandemic compared to the period before it. We conducted the research together with the Veolia Polska Foundation, and the Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw was the contents partner.
v4Sports Badania SAV Junior
v4Sport On-line PE World Record

On-line PE – World Record

On April 22, 2020, we set an unofficial world record in the largest online PE lesson, conducted by Julita Ilczyszyn – a PE teacher from the Józef Korczak Primary School in Józefosław. Regardless of the time of the day, the lesson was attended by representatives of 45 countries – from the west coast of Canada to Australia. At the peak moment the event was attended by nearly 50,000 people (the number does not include participants who were not registered on Facebook and those who took part in the lesson in a larger group).

Research in Lower Silesia

Together with the Lower Silesia School Sports Association and the Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesia province we conducted research on the physical activity of students during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The study group consisted of children from Lower Silesian primary schools (grades 1-8) and their parents or guardians.

v4Sports Badania Dolny Slask
v4Sport Diagnoza Aktywny Wrocław

Diagnoza sportu i aktywności fizycznej we Wrocławiu

In 2019, the city of Wrocław began works on the directions of development of sports and recreation in order to create conditions conducive to the training of champions as well as the daily activity of residents. This process was preceded by an extensive diagnosis for which we were responsible. We divided the research methodology into desk research (secondary data analysis), workshops (working groups), focus interviews (focus group interviews), in-depth interviews and a survey.

The Veolia Sports Academy

The Veolia Sports Academy (SAV) was one of the longest-running CSR projects in Poland. It was aimed at young athletes representing individual Olympic disciplines. During the 10 years of the program, SAV provided educational and scholarship care to nearly 200 people. Our task in 2017-2019 was, among others, to support their development in terms of content and assist at planning a two-track sports career.
v4Sport Sportowa Akademia Veolia

Active MultiSport Schools

The Active MultiSport Schools (ASM) is a program that we implemented in 2018-2020 in partnership with Benefit Systems. Its aim was to inspire children, parents and teachers to introduce more physical activity into the daily lives of primary school students. The first edition of the program was successfully carried out in 35 locations in Lower Silesia. Over 9,000 children took part (twice) in the EuroFit + multimedia physical fitness test. Most importantly, as many as 86% of the schools participating in the project improved their students’ level of physical fitness! In 2020, we coordinated the second edition of the program in the Masovia province, which was suspended until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
v4Sport Aktywne Szkoły Multisport

Open Streets Day

On Sunday, September 22, 2019, on the occasion of the Car-Free Day, we organized an Open Streets Day in Wrocław. It was the first edition of the project, the idea of which was to make streets and urban space available to all city residents, not only motorists. On that day, Wrocław represented Poland among 20 European countries promoting the initiative. The Open Streets Day is financed by the Erasmus + program.

AtmoSfera MultiSport

MultiSport AtmoSfera was a project implemented in 2018 and 2019, consisting in the full transformation of one of the facilities in Warsaw, suggested by Benefit Systems, from a traditional gym into a modern sports center that would support good health and comprehensive development of children. Our task was, among others, to create a service based on our own experience and global trends, develop a methodology and concepts for children’s physical activities carried out in the facility, select the target group, recruit and train trainers and prepare them for everyday work in AtmoSfera.
v4Sport Atmosfera Multisport
v4Sport Movement Spaces

Movement Spaces

This was a program initiated by the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA). Its aim was to promote, share and create new physical activity facilities in highly urbanized spaces. We collaborated with cities such as Barcelona, Birmingham, Plovdiv and Paris in order to develop the most effective practices to encourage citizens to participate in physical activities. MOVEment Spaces is also a platform for the exchange of knowledge, good practices and mutual inspiration, so in 2018, together with ISCA and other partners, we developed an online course in which expert advice on how to get started or extend the reach of your initiatives is available. The project was financed by the Erasmus+ Sport program.

European US Girls

European Us Girls is a project launched in 2017, financed by the Erasmus+ Sport program, whose objective is to increase and maintain European women’s participation in amateur sport and physical activity. Thanks to close cooperation of experts and partner organizations from Italy, Denmark, France, Poland and the Netherlands, it was possible to create and develop some of the most effective tools and practices that were to help organizations understand the needs of young women and thus provide them with an appropriate development environment. By December 2018, at the end of the project, we had created an e-learning platform and a mobile application.
v4Sports European Us Girls

Active Voice

The goal of Active Voice was to develop appropriate tools and activities that would help organizations implement an effective policy for the development of physical activity in their local environment. During the project, by 2018, together with #ActiveVoice partners, we had reached over 1,500 stakeholders. The project was financed by the Erasmus + Sport Program. Its partner organizations at the European level included the International Sport and Culture Association, the European Cyclists’ Federation, the Epode International Network, the European Physical Education Teacher’s Association, the International Association of Sport and Leisure Infrastructure Management, and at the local level BG Be Active from Bulgaria, Union Francaise Des Oeuvres Laiques D’Education Physique from France, Social Cooperative Enterprise Greenways from Greece and Unione Italiana Sport Per Tutti from Greece.

Youth Leaders Across Borders

The aim of Youth Leaders Across Borders (YLAB) was to support youth organizations at local, national and international levels to improve their work with young people and develop youth citizenship. The project was financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus + program. The project partners included the following organizations: Street Games from Great Britain, SISU from Sweden and Brandenburgische SportJugend from Germany. Our task was, among others, to prepare the YLAB website and contribute substantively to all six training modules. The project had been carried out by 2018.
Youth Leaders Across Borders
v4Sport Youth on the Move logo

Youth on the Move

In 2015-2017, we implemented the Youth on the Move (YotM) project, which was part of the NowWeMove and MoveBrasil campaigns. Its main part was a 10-month course consisting of both webinars and traditional meetings. The project participants had the opportunity to acquire knowledge about promoting physical activity, organizing events and broadly understood project management. Its partner organizations included the International Sport and Culture Association from Denmark, the UBAE Foundation from Barcelona, and SESC – Servicio Social de Comercio from Brazil.

PZU Healthy Trails

We have coordinated the construction of over 60 standardized healthy trails around the country. We have also designed and implemented actions aimed at increasing the capacity of local actors to develop and implement physical activity programs for all of the social groups. The success of the project was based on the crosssectoral approach, in which we have cooperated with local governments, numerous local civic organisations, local media and the project sponsors (corporate and corporate foundation).

v4Sport PZU Trasy Zdrowia
v4Sport Muuvit! logo

Muuvit - move and discover the world

A project designed for teachers who want to diversify performance in their classes. Adding a healthy lifestyle and physical activity to the areas of interest turned out to be a bull’s eye. Muuvit was developed in Finland 13 years ago and so far nearly 2 million children have participated in the program. In Poland, we implemented it in 2012-2013. The task of Muuvit was to encourage the youngest to be physically active, at the same time making it easier for teachers to conduct classes and enrich them with new elements.

Respect Your Health

The UEFA EURO 2012 tournament in Poland and Ukraine was accompanied by four social RESPECT projects. One of them – RESPECT Your Health – Euroschools 2012 – was carried out in Poland in cooperation with a network of organizations dealing with sport and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The project related to activities promoting a healthy lifestyle among children and adolescents.

v4Sport Respect Your Health